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Expressing your thoughts and emotions through the art of
hand lettering.

Neha Seth Magical Nibs


Magical Nibs has been serving up handwritten scripts since 2019 for countless couples, corporate clients, and even a celeb or two (yes, stars: they love calligraphy just like us!), handcrafting everything from addressed envelopes to stationery design & print production to custom signage.

Neha has been personally trained under three amazing master penmen to date. What started as a hobby soon turned into a passion. A passion that works on the simple thought of better-expressing people's feeling for others. Many times people feel stuck in making someone feel special and that is where Magical Nibs steps in.

With Neha's personalized attention to detail, the outputs are greatly cherished by the recipient. Her understanding of the play of the colors is her forte and she ensures that the outcome is exactly the thought you had imagined.

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